Embraced by the timeless elegance of Half Moon Villas, Kevin and Shelby's classic wedding in Montego Bay was an exemplary display of sophisticated celebration and romantic commitment. Marking a surreal blend of ageless grandeur of the venue and serene beauty of Montego Bay, this union reminisces sheer elegance of love.

Feast your eyes on the brilliantly captured highlights of their special day – their first look filled with anticipation, the intimate moments shared against the Villa’s stunning architecture, and the lively celebrations that continued under the Caribbean sky.

These photographs give you a front-row seat to witness the jubilant cheers, touching vows, and opulent decor that adorned their event. This gallery is a tribute to the classic charm that Kevin and Shelby exuded on their special day, turning every moment into a priceless memory etched in time.

A testament to classic aesthetics and romantic charm, this wedding was an event par excellence that will leave you equally delighted and inspired.

Venue & Planning: Half Moon, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Photo & Video: PhotoMagic Studio by Olya Sam

Getting ready, Gifts exchange, First Look

Getting ready is always a special time at a wedding. It's when the bride and groom are getting ready to meet each other for the first time as husband and wife, but it's also when they get to spend some time with their friends and family, exchanging gifts and showing off their beautiful dresses. In these photos, we see the bride Shelby getting ready in her villa room at Half Moon Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica with her bridesmaids nearby and revealing the dress to them. The groom Kevin is waiting outside at a gazebo overlooking the ocean, anxiously awaiting his first glimpse at his bride-to-be!

The Wedding ceremony

The bride and groom are ready to be wed, and the guests have been seated. All that's left is for them to say their vows, exchange rings, and kiss. The ceremony is taking place on a beautiful lawn next to the ocean at Half Moon. Afterward, the bride and groom will have a sunset photoshoot so they can cherish these photos forever!

The wedding Reception

The reception was so lovely, with a beautiful dinner, cake cutting, and dances! Shelby changed into her dancing dress and danced with her new husband Kevin.