welcome to my boutique studio

Hello, I am Olga

I am a Jamaica-based photographer who moved from cold Moscow to sunny Montego Bay in Dec 2012. Now I am here doing what I love - capturing your most special moments on the Caribbean island. I consider my career to be one of the most rewarding!
I will share your story by the means of soft, airy & natural photos while creating a relaxed atmosphere that lets me capture you at your most authentic and in the best light. At the end of the day, that’s what I’m doing, drawing with light (photo=light, graph=draw).

Life is all about people, moments & emotions that we want to hold on to...

With over 6 years of professional photography experience, I find myself drawn to shoot both photo and video. There’s just something about wedding photography and videography that draws my soul in. I do also offer family, lifestyle, and portrait sessions. Some things I love are the sea, palm trees, tennis, fashion and hot tea.

  • I have a master’s degree in linguistics & psychology and speak En, Sp and Ru
  • I like to play the piano. Some of my favorite pieces are Amelie by Y.Tiersen, Liz on the top of the world by D.Marianelli, Prelude in C by J.S.Bach
  • I melt around animals! I have two rescued cats, Lexi and Roxy
  • I love houseplants, however, some of them are chewed on as my cats love them too(
  • I have shot more than 400 weddings
  • I still can’t decide what I love more - photos or video, so I shoot both
  •  Summer is my favorite season, that’s why I have moved to the Caribbean lol

The Best Wedding Photographer in Jamaica | mywed

Couples' Choice Awards® 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

World Event Videographers Association

Artist's Statement

My path into the world of photography started when I saw my friend’s destination wedding video in Spain. It inspired me to buy my first camera and start learning wedding photography and videography. I could not even imagine that my passionate hobby will quickly turn into a full-time job. Now, having covered more than 400 weddings, my passion is to integrate film photography and its aesthetics with contemporary digital photography.

I’m not a strict fine art photographer or a strict photojournalist. I will clean up your getting-ready suite and move a flower to shoot it from the best angle. I will move you into the best light while you put on your wedding dress and scout the best location for your first look. I will find luminous light, and may subtly tweak the way you are standing with the intention of always making you look your best, a bend of a leg here or an extension of an arm there. I believe that portraits created with subtle guidance are flattering, they feel and look like authentic candid moments (not overly posed) which is enhanced by the natural and calm colors of my photographs.

On the same day, I get to create romantic portraits, style detail vignettes and become a fly on the wall recording some of the rawest moments of our lives. I also believe the real magic happens during the in-between moments – a secret smile, a tearful hug... Photographs capture the ephemeral essence and the spirit of your wedding day, transporting you back to a perfect frozen moment, forever suspended in time. 

Your love, my photo magic...

Love notes from my clients
1 / 9

Fantastic, pleasure to work with

Olya & her team were awesome! She reached out to me prior to ensure we were aligned on the schedule of the wedding and she was flexible and helpful. Her and her team were efficient with getting the perfect shots even when we were tight on time. The pictures and videos turned out absolutely BEAUTIFUL & the style was exactly how I wanted. She truly captured the emotion of the day & did such a fantastic job with the edits. I would 100% recommend her services for any wedding, she really knows what she’s doing!

1 / 9